Yu Yu Hakusho Icon Awards ...Hn!

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Welcome, everyone. If you love Yu Yu Hakusho, and LJ icons, this is the place for you! Whether you make YYH icons, or would like to vote on the ones you think reign supreme, you can join! ^-^

Each week, a certain theme will be given. Members will submit icons related to this theme, and icons will be voted on. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive special banners at the end of each week!

1st place winners will have their icons used as the community icon for the next week, stored in our icon box until it is deleted to make room for another. The winning icons will be stored on a photobucket account and a link to each entry of each week will be on this page, so you can look back and see just what kind of work people can do.

1. Each member may submit only one icon per theme.
2. Must be a member to submit an icon!
3. All icons must be YYH-related... that should be obvious
4. Submitted icons must be compatible with LJ. [100x100 and 40kb]
5. Don't tell all your friends to vote for your icon, that IS cheating!
6. Don't criticize others' icons!
7. Submitted icons must be no more than 7 days old.
8. You may vote for your own icon, as long as you truly think it's the best one there.
9. Have fun!

So, here's how it works. On Monday, I give you all a theme. Icons related to the theme can be submitted from Monday to Friday in the comments of the posted theme. Comments to the submission post will be screened. Make sure you're logged in, though, anonymous ones will be tossed away! The submission should contain the following information:

Icon submission
URL of submission (make sure it stays for the whole week!)

Submission Times:: Monday [6:00 pm] - Friday [6:00 pm]

On the post where I show you the submitted icons, you can vote. Please only vote for one unless specified differently. The icons will be numbered and comments screened, as all votings are, so just put in the number(s) of the icon(s) you like best.

Results of the voting will be posted with the winning icons.

Voting Times:: Friday [6:00 pm] - Sunday [6:00 pm]

Week 01 // Love
Week 02 // Linkin Park Lyrics
Week 03 // Hiei
Week 04 // Darkness
Week 05 // Guilt
Week 06 // Kurama
Week 07 // Chibis
Week 08 // Doujinshi and Manga
Week 09 // Foreign Language
Week 10 // Koenma
Week 11 // Pairings
Week 12 // Internet Speak
Week 13 // Memory
Week 14 // Jealousy
Week 15 // Kawaii
Week 16 // Funny Faces
Week 17 // Holidays
Week 18 // Snow
Week 19 // Animated
Week 20 // Shounen-Ai
Week 21 // WTF
Week 22 // Duos
Week 23 // Suzuka
Week 24 // The Gift Lyrics
Week 25 // Monochrome
Week 26 // Openings/Endings
Week 27 // Living in Exile Lyrics
Week 28 // Aura
Week 29 // Green Day Lyrics
Week 30 // Death
Week 31 // Villains
Week 32 // Mitch Hedberg
Week 33 // Crossover
Week 34 // Rivalry
Week 35 // Girls
Week 36 // Bad Luck
Week 37 // NPC
Week 38 // Food
Week 39 // Given Image
Week 40 // Free For All
Week 41 // Family
Week 42 // Red
Week 43 // Ha Ha You're Dead Lyrics
Week 44 // OTP
Week 45 // Emo
Week 46 // Character Bashing
Week 47 // I'm A Fan
Week 48 // Free-For-All
Week 49 // Ode To Tim Burton/Danny Elfman
Week 50 // Free-For-All 2
Week 51 // Silent
Week 52 // Movie
Week 53 // PMS
Week 53 // Love v. 2.0

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